Butler workshop to aid in future planning

September 3, 2018 by  

Older adults from Butler who are concerned about planning for their future may wish to include an upcoming workshop in their October schedule.

The Butler Office of Heritage Elder Law and Estate Planning has made arrangements to host a two-hour-long workshop designed to be of interest to anyone who is interested in making their long-term plans. There are several topics on the agenda, and there is no registration fee.

Those who participate in the seminar will learn what steps they can take to protect their savings, and also how they can ensure that their home will not be affected by an estate recovery lien. There will also be a review of the Medicaid approval process and other information shared that can be helpful to those who are planning for their future. Along with all of this, the participants will discover what they can do now to make sure that they will be well-prepared financially should their life circumstances change.

Anyone who is interested to being a part of this learning opportunity is asked to register ahead of time, and it is scheduled to begin at 2:00 pm at 318 South Main Street. Handouts and other learning materials for this type of event can be sourced from stationery printers in the local area.

October 10 has been set as the date for this information session. All those who are interested are welcome.