Oak tree management to be subject of Baraboo workshop

September 3, 2018 by  

There are several species of oak that can be found in and around Baraboo and the rest of Wisconsin, and a workshop will provide an introduction to landowners who are interested in finding out what they can do to protect those on their property.

Experts in the field of botany, tree care, and other subject areas related to trees have been engaged to present during the event, and the morning will be dedicated to these discussions. After the lunch, which will be provided, the group will take a field trip to a private woodland that is actively working to maintain and preserve its oaks.

A variety of subjects are on the agenda for the day, and these range from planting and tree care to planting for certain species, such as deer and wild turkeys. Sustainable harvest methods, using controlled burning to encourage growth, managing invasive species and other pests and many other topics will also be discussed. The planners noted that it is open to anyone with an interest in the areas of forestry or wildlife and woodland management and anyone else who would like to find out more information.

Ticket prices for this learning opportunity start at $25. A printer in the local area can provide promotional pens and other swag to hand out during this sort of event.

The Oak in the Driftless Landowner Workshop has been scheduled for September 29. It will be held at 1006 Connie Road in Baraboo.