Grist Mill in Rosyln to be restored

August 31, 2018 by  

A historic grist mill in Roslyn, about three miles from Williston Park, is scheduled to be restored, a project that will take several years.

Preservationists believe the Roslyn Grist Mill was probably built sometime between 1715 and 1741. It’s a Dutch industrial building, one of only a handful still standing anywhere in the country. Since the building is over 300 years old, it will be necessary to first stabilize the structure, and raise its entrance to street level.

Over the centuries, the mill has been used in a number of ways. First, as a working mill, it was used to grind grain. After that, it was opened as a tea house, and then as a tourist attraction. Since the 1970s, local preservationists and residents alike have urged that the grist mill be resorted, but the project has always been delayed because funding was not available. However, a $440,000 grant that was recently obtained from Nassau County, and a partnership among the Roslyn Landmark Society, the village of Rosyln, and the country, will now allow the work to proceed, returning the grist mill to its status as the center of the community.

Work will be done in phases, and when the mill is restored, preservationists and others hope it will be used as an educational center. Officials involved in projects like this can work with a brochure printing company to create informative booklets about the structure.