Water Lantern Festival to light the area

August 29, 2018 by  

This autumn, the Reno area will be greeting the season with an event that combines music, food and a chance to experience the sight of hundreds of gently glowing lanterns floating on the water at Sparks Marina.

The Water Lantern Festival will see members of the public from Reno come together with their friends, families and neighbors in this peaceful and serene event. Every ticket holder will be able to decorate a lantern of their very own to set afloat on the water. These will be made from rice paper and wood and are eco-friendly.

The gates for the festivities will open at 5:00 on the evening of the event, and guests will be welcome to relax and take in the entertainment and a bite to eat form the food trucks that will be on site. At 7:30 it will be time for the guests to design their own floating luminary, and these will be launched starting at 8:30. At 9:30, it will be time to say goodbye as the event draws to a close.

All ages are welcome to attend the festivities, and the ticket price includes entry to the grounds, a lantern to personalize, a customized drawstring bag as well as a marker and wristband. Promotional products for this sort of occasion can be crafted by an area printer.

This opportunity for the community to join together in a spirit of celebration will be held on September 29th. Anyone who has questions or who would like to purchase tickets can find further details on the Water Lantern Festival’s website.