St. Ann to become headquarters for major grocery chain

August 28, 2018 by  

The Crossing at Northwest in St. Ann will soon be home to the new headquarters for Save-A-Lot, a grocery store chain that has over 1,300 stores across the United States.

The project is contingent on the store receiving approval of tax subsidies from both the county and state governments. The County Council has been asked by Steve Stenger, County Executive, to approve saving the store 50 percent on its taxes for 15 years and the payment of no taxes just on new equipment. This would save the store about $800,000.

These abatements require further discussion by the Pattonville School District and the West Overland EMS and Fire Protection District as they would be affected by these changes.

The Missouri Works program would provide up to $3 million and Skilled Workforce Missouri would provide $85,000 to support the move.

If approved, Building 400 of the development which has 125,000 square feet of space would be the location of the Save-A-Lot. This space has the potential to expand to 232,000 square feet. The store would be able to keep 450 employees at The Crossing and add 64 new jobs.

In addition, Stenger said that the shopping mall which was once shuttered would be revitalized by the Save-A-Lot move.

Banner printing companies can be hired to display more information about such a move and its potential for the community.