Dallas restaurant on Food & Wine’s most important eatery list

August 24, 2018 by  

Food & Wine magazine recently created a list: “40 Most Important Restaurants of the Last 40 Years” and the Rosewood Mansion here in Dallas made the cut.

The list celebrates the magazine’s own publishing history of the same time span. As the magazine explained it:

“Over the past four decades, the restaurant world has undergone massive transformations… These 40 restaurants, some newly opened and some long closed, have paved the way for the country’s current dining landscape.”

Among those to grace the list, earning the honor to include it on their business cards and other promotional material, are Spago, located in Los Angeles; Berkeley’s Chez Panisse; New York’s Eleven Madison Park and even Shake Shack, a fast-food chain.

The Mansion was a hit from its opening with what the author called forward-thinking food and a wine list that heavily leaned toward Texas wineries. Moreover, despite an atmosphere geared toward European sensibilities the food at The Mansion was Texas all the way.

Other Lone Star State restaurants on the list were Franklin Barbecue in Austin and Brennan’s in Houston. Franklin’s is known for what the magazine described as a sublime brisket while Brennan’s has become a fine-dining Creole landmark.

Each of these three restaurants, The Mansion, Franklin Barbecue and Brennan dedicated themselves from day one to spreading the news that Texas food was a distinct cuisine in its own right. They each became internationally recognized for promoting local dishes before it became a trend.