Oakdale area event on offer for local green thumbs

August 24, 2018 by  

Garden clubs from two states will be joining together this fall to offer a special event near Oakdale for green thumbs across Wisconsin and Minnesota.

River Rendezvous will feature speakers with expertise in a variety of fields, including gardening, landscaping and environmental issues. There will be time for the attendees to visit local properties to view their yards, and one of the focuses of the occasion will be “sustainability”.

The agenda for the symposium includes a Friday night banquet and Saturday luncheon, and during these, speakers will address the assembled guests. Delegates will have an opportunity to learn about rain gardens, cover crops, attracting birds, pruning, incorporating native plants and many other topics that may be of interest to them. A boat tour of the St. Croix river will be on offer, and there will be other activities to enjoy as well.

The planners are offering an assortment of sponsorship opportunities for any business that would like to have their name and branding seen by a large group of potential customers. A printing services provider can include their logo in the materials prepared for an occasion such as this.

This “Gathering for Gardeners” will be held on October 12th and 13th in the Water Street Inn in Stillwater. Tickets and more information can be obtained by visiting the organizer’s website.