London reveals new design for town center

August 21, 2018 by  

London is taking the nickname of “Garden City” and going with it, as a new design for the city’s town center shows.

During a special meeting of the London City Tourism Commission at the beginning of August, landscape architect Darren Henson presented a rendering of the center’s design. The town center’s redesign will feature a shaded area, a stage for performances and a lawn area. Other features of the redesign of the town center were sidewalks that lead up to a circular area that will include an open space. Just above the circular area will be a green area with shade and a full view of the stage.

The city’s redesign also keeps the needs of all citizens in mind, as the park area will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. One feature will be a drop-off area around Ninth street for people who use wheelchairs or other mobility assistance devices.

Cities planning on redesigning their town centers can use graphic design to let the public know what is in store and what major changes will be made to the area.

During the special meeting, Henson told attendees that any trees or plants depicted in the renderings were mere representations of what could be used in those areas. Henson developed the rendings for landscaping based on past meetings with members of the community, but there is room for adjustment.

Pending approval of the design, construction on the new town center is scheduled to start at the beginning of October.