Stockton rolls out plan for student success

August 20, 2018 by  

The Board of Trustees for the Stockton Unified School District recently passed a resolution to gather and analyze student progress in the district to ensure that all students will be ready for collages and careers in the 21st century.

Over the next four months, the district will be focusing on four main areas. The first is to create a plan so that every student in the district will either pursue a career tech program or be ready for college. Mathematics, writing, and reading proficiency at grade level needs to be demonstrated.

The second is that students in grades 7 through 11 will be looked at more closely to determine if they will be eligible to be admitted to California State University or the University of California before their senior year.

The third involves the expansion of the career and college resources at every high school in the district. The last one will increase access to Advanced Placement or other credit courses, expand partnerships with colleges, and offer subsidized testing to every student in the tenth and eleventh grades.

The larger goal of the district is to reach a graduation rate of 100 percent with each student either ready to pursue a career or attend college.

Various printing services can be used to inform the community of such goals and to ensure the continued support of the residents.