New sweet shop now open in Olivette

August 18, 2018 by  

Share Sweet opened recently in Olivette and is urging customers to “Try something amazing”. The shop serves sweet teas and Asian desserts, and chances are good amazing items are on the menu. The establishment is the brainchild of Shanghai natives Jennifer Chen and Horace Tang, who also own the Tang Palace, a popular restaurant located across the street.

The physical layout of Share Sweet is practical and neat, focusing customers’ attention at the counter, where fruit puddings are displayed in a refrigerator and staff members prepare drinks. There are a few tables, but many customers simply grab a tea and go.

There are four types of teas on the list of drinks, including cream tea. Further scrutiny of the cream tea section reveals there are two types: “cheese” and “original.” A craze for cheese tea swept East Asia recently, and Share Sweet has brought it to Olivette.

Before people start wondering how well Brie and tea go together, they should know that the cheese in cheese tea is a layer of cream cheese, or in some cases, whipped cream, sitting atop cold tea. It may sound strange, but the actual drink is akin to having whipped cream atop one of today’s coffee creations.

Desserts at the shop include things like a “Chocolate Monster French Toast,” and puddings with Asian flavors like matcha and coconut. A few savory items are also available.

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