Wilmington helping seniors beat the heat

August 18, 2018 by  

Wilmington is making fans available to residents of the city free of charge, providing they meet a few guidelines. Mike Purzycki, the mayor of Wilmington, and Jennifer Prado, the city’s constituent services director, made the announcement recently, as temperatures continued to soar above even Wilmington’s normally humid, hot summers.

Much of the nation has experienced extremely high temperatures for extended periods. The hot weather pattern is unusual, but it’s also a reminder that summertime in general can present problems for everyone, particularly older people. Mayor Purzycki notes that while the fans will help, he also urges residents to keep tabs on members of their families, and neighbors, particularly if they’re older people, or if they have no air conditioning. Prado also reminded people that her office is available all year long to help Wilmington residents by providing resources they may need.

To be eligible for a fan, the person requesting the item must be 65 years of age at least and reside inside the city limits. They must provide proof of residence and age, and are not eligible if they’ve received a fan from the program during the last year. Eligible seniors who are interested should call the city’s Office of Constituent Services, (302) 576-2489, weekdays between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm, to request their fans.

Officials dealing with issues like this can use flyer printing to inform residents of available resources.