Picnic marks 50th anniversary of General Carbide

August 18, 2018 by  

Greensburg’s General Carbide Corporation just turned 50, and celebrated the milestone in late July with a carnival and picnic at its headquarters. Company officials invited employees, their families, and suppliers, as well as customers, to the event. Attendees enjoyed food trucks, a band, a magic show, and a carnival, all courtesy of General Carbide and its CEO, Mona Pappafava-Ray.

Ms. Pappafava-Ray took over the company when its founder, her father Premo Pappafava, passed away in 2002. He had run the business for 34 years, and Ms. Pappafava-Ray said she is very proud of running an organization that has beaten the odds and is still operating after 50 years.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only a relatively small percentage (20%) of companies that were established in 1994 had survived until 2015. Using those figures, Ms. Pappafava-Ray calculates the percentage of companies around today that have been in business for 50 years is less than 10%. Another source, the Family Business Institute, says only 33% of businesses owned by a family survive to be passed down to the next generation. By any standards, General Carbide has beaten the odds.

The company makes finished carbide tooling used for different applications in a wide range of industries. General Carbide is vertically integrated, meaning it not only manufactures products, it distributes and sells them, rather than using outside distribution channels and retailers.

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