Huntington Beach celebrates . . . plums

August 15, 2018 by  

Plums are a popular fruit all-year round, but Huntington Beach chooses to recognize the popularity of the stone fruit in August, when the Old World Restaurant, a landmark in the city, is having its yearly Plum Fest.

The restaurant is planning to serve dishes made with plums all day, including plum crepes, plum cake, and Berliners — which are traditional German pastries that resemble doughnuts without holes in the center. They’re usually filled with jam and deep fried. For people who want something besides sweets, barbecue dishes will be available.

If eating plums and pastry were not enough, ‘Wiener Dog Races’ are also scheduled. People who own a dachshund are welcome to enter him/her in the contest, which will also take place at the restaurant. The race is held on the patio, and the course is 22 yards long. Owners of the low-slung dogs wait at the finish line, cheering their pooches on to victory.

The Plum Fest is scheduled for this Sunday, August 19; Old World is on Center Avenue in the Old World Village. The event is free, and runs from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm. It is considered the introduction to the Oktoberfest weekends, which begin soon after Plum Fest.

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