Winery to open early next year

August 15, 2018 by  

It was recently announced that Eagle Mountain Winery will be open for business in early 2019 near Landrum in northern Greenville County, just a 45-minute drive from Greenville.

The new winery is to be located between Highway 101 and Highway 25 on Highway 11. The 54-acre parcel features southwest-facing hillsides, a 40-mile mountaintop panoramas, streams, and small waterfalls.

Eagle Mountain will rely on grapes from a variety of California vineyards to make wine for the first three or four years, until its grapevines mature.

Russ Gardiner is the CEO of Eagle Mountain Winery and the managing partner. George Bursick, who has 35 years’ experience with some of the largest wineries in California, will be in charge of the wine making. The winery also has 30 local investors to assist in Eagle Mountain Winery’s funding.

Wine Club membership offers more than wine discounts: According to Bursick, members will receive free Italian cuisine every Sunday, a wine camp where members can blend their own with the help of experienced winemakers, and a chance to participate in the wine crush.

Eagle Mountain Winery will welcome the public every day of the week, as well as being available for private events after hours, including weddings. Oenophiles will no doubt be interested to see the label’s graphic design for the wines made at the new venue.