Hearing health to be focus of Mansfield area open house

August 14, 2018 by  

Hearing loss can affect any age, and people in Mansfield who would like to have theirs tested and also learn more about how they can protect it for the future can do so as part of an event that will be held nearby.

Sam’s Club Hearing Aid Center has planned an open house event, and it will be free for both members and nonmembers alike. During the function, they will be welcome to have their hearing checked, learn more about the latest in hearing aids and other assistive devices, and even get the inside story on their ears by looking through a video otoscope.

Those who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to protect their health of their ears are asked to register for their test ahead of time. It will be performed by a licensed specialist, and there will be no fee charged for this service.

This special event will run from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm, and anyone who feels they can make use of this chance to have their hearing evaluated is welcome. A local printer can work with the organizers of this type of function to supply them with customized corporate gifts that can be given to everyone who attends the occasion.

Anyone who would like more information about the open house, which will be held at 1070 North Lexington Springmill Road in Ontario, has been asked to contact 419-747-9939 for further details. Further details can also be found by visiting the organizer’s online scheduling system.