Gurnee to continue beautification efforts

August 14, 2018 by  

Plants were installed along Gurnee’s East Grand Avenue last year, and survived the winter so well the village has decided to continue using them. Just a day after the revived farmers’ market opened on Gurnee’s east side, the village board approved a measure to make $65,535 available to continue beautifying the business corridor along the avenue by installing more flowers and plants.

Kristina Kovarik, the mayor of Gurnee, went to the farmers’ market, and said it was amazing that something as simple as greenery could make such an impact. The village will continue to beautify the area using the same hardy species used before.

Pat Muetz, the village administrator, said they anticipate they will do the same amount of planting this year as they did last time, following approximately the same plan. The effort calls for village workers to plant the flowers and other flora on private land, after which the village will maintain them for two years. After that, maintenance will be the responsibility of the business owners.

Karen Thorstenson, a village trustee, was instrumental in helping businesses located on East Grand Avenue, first by bringing back the farmers’ market, and then by installing the plants. She said businesses in the area are appreciative of the village’s efforts to make the area more attractive, which helps it compete with other areas in the village.

Officials involved in plans like this can use banner printing to keep residents informed.