Hayward police to offer sneak peek into local law enforcement

August 9, 2018 by  

Residents of Hayward who have always wondered how their local law enforcement system works may wish to apply to be a part of a program that will be offered right in their own area.

The Hayward Police Department will once again be offering members of the community a chance to get an insight into what makes it tick. Interested parties are welcome to apply online or complete and submit a hard copy application, and they will also have to pass a background check.

The Hayward 2018 Community Academy will introduce the members of the public who take part to a variety of topics related to policing. They learn about how the 911 dispatch system works, the steps of evidence collection, the police department’s K9 unit, and many other areas of police work.

The program will run for nine weeks, and there is no charge to participate. Due to the nature of some of the areas that will be covered, participants must be at least 18 years of age.

This opportunity for community members to find out more about the role of law enforcement in Hayward will be held at 22701 Main Street. Flyer printing can be used to craft materials that can help to promote an event like this to the public.

The start date for the program has been set as September 4. More details can be found on the Hayward City website.