Unexpected flock of Birds arrives in Cincinnati

August 7, 2018 by  

Electric scooters belonging to the Bird company appeared recently in Cincinnati, to the surprise of officials who did not know the company planned to drop them off, according to an article on Fox 19.com.

Chris Smitherman, the vice mayor, said:

“They just showed up.”

Cincinnati is not the first city to get an expected flock of Birds; the scooters recently arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, as well.

Although the city is not ready for them, residents seem to have hopped on the idea of the scooters immediately. The electric scooters are dockless, and all a rider needs to do is find one—at the moment they are in the downtown area as well as Over-the-Rhine—download the Bird app, upload a driver’s license and credit card information, confirm they are over 18, and scan in the code on the machine. A ride costs $1 to start, and 15 cents for each additional minute.

One user, Garrett Zimmerman, said the vehicles were environmentally friendly because they are electric, and he also prefers having them available for short trips where he would previously have needed to take an Uber. The scooters are a “last mile” vehicle, a term that means they provide the link to cover the last short distance between a major mode of transportation such as a train, and the commuter’s final destination.

Officials dealing with issues like this can user flyer printing to keep residents updated.