Anchorage considers new city seal

August 7, 2018 by  

Anchorage Assemblyman Fred Dyson is not fond of the current official seal of the city, and would like to have a new design. His opinion was echoed by the mayor, Ethan Berkowitz, as well as Kristin DeSmith, a city spokeswoman.

The current seal features an airplane, the sun, a yellow ship, and a blue anchor. Dyson objects, saying the seal fails to represent the area’s history or culture in any meaningful way. He recently proposed creating a resolution to assemble a special committee and hold a contest to design a new seal. In the resolution, Dyson mentioned the city’s extensive history of settlement; its connection to the military and the railroad; and to the Eklutna tribe, none of which are found in the seal currently.

Dyson says he has not thought of any particular design, but he does want to see the Eklutna people, trappers, the mail trail, dog sleds, miners, and the railroad represented in the design.

Mike Dunham, a former reporter for the Anchorage Daily News and an expert in Alaskan history, says the current seal was the design of Armond ‘Army’ Kirschbaum, with the ship standing for one of the vessel Captain James Cook used in his historic voyage.

The Anchorage Assembly is expected to vote on the Dyson resolution this month. Officials dealing with matters like this can use logo design to develop a new seal.