Fort Lauderdale residents invited to help keep the lights on

August 6, 2018 by  

Knowing how and where to plant a tree can prevent a lot of headaches for property owners, and Florida Power and Light has organized a Fort Lauderdale event that will share tips about choosing the location for these large plants.

Those who attend the free ‘Prevent Power Outages: Right Tree, Right Place Community Workshop’ will find out what they can do to prevent damage to power lines from trees and other plants in their yard. A variety of topics will be covered, including a review of Ordinance 2018-22, including what it means for the property owner.

The participants in the workshop will be given tips about tree selection and also advice for choosing where they should be located. They will also learn about pruning techniques and why it is important to use an experienced professional who has the proper licenses to perform trimming and other tasks on trees located close to overhead power lines.

The goal of the event is to prevent power outages caused by individuals trimming trees, during hurricanes and other windstorms and in other situations. Poster printing can be helpful in promoting an event like this to the public.

This opportunity for the public to take a proactive role in preventing power outages will be held on September 22. It will be taking place in the Roosevelt Gardens Park Community Center, and all are welcome.