Easton event to put distance walkers to the test

August 6, 2018 by  

A challenge has been issued to residents of Easton, and anyone else who would like to see how far they can walk, to cover 100km in just one day.

The 62.1 mile long route will follow the Delaware Canal’s entire length, and will take the participants through several towns that can be found along its banks. The walkers will go past covered bridges and other historic sites, and will be able to stop to sample local food and culture.

To help make the event as accessible to as many as possible, bus service will be offered from both Newark International Airport Station and Philadelphia. The event will open with a pasta dinner served at 11:00 pm, and the participants will head out stating at 1:00 am.

A brunch stop has been organized in Stockton NJ, and once they arrive in Morrisville, a dinner of cheesesteak and pizza will be on the menu. Once everyone has finished their walk, they will be invited to stay for the post event party, which will keep on going until 1:00am.

The organizers of the occasion noted that it is a challenging event and is not intended for those who have no experience in long distance walking. Logo design and other services for this type of function can be provide by an area printer.

This challenge has been issued for September 8. There is no cost to register to participate.