Eatery with Southern flair to open new locations in Spartanburg

August 4, 2018 by  

Spartanburg County will soon be home to between five and seven new locations of Checkers, a double drive-thru restaurant serving chicken and wings, burgers, hot dogs, and fries.

The owner of the chain, Robert Bhagwandat, said he has been looking in the Upstate area for the past eight months regarding viable locations. He has an aggressive plan to grow quickly in the region and is considering several locations. Some of these properties are in Zion Hill, Valley Falls, Fairforest, and the Dorman Center area.

Bhagwandat added that Checkers’ roots are in the Southeast and the history of Spartanburg and its people make it an ideal location for expansion.

He pointed out that the chain was founded in Mobile, Alabama so the Southern flair of the restaurant enables it to be popular in many towns in the South. In addition, Checkers is very affordable for families, so they are able to enjoy an evening out, which is what tends to happen much of the time in the Spartanburg area.

Construction of a new restaurant takes been six to nine months. Each restaurant also has between 22 and 27 team members.

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