Phlebotomy course on offer in Charlotte

August 4, 2018 by  

Healthcare professionals who would like to add to the phlebotomy skills they already have in their toolbox will soon be able to do so if they register for a workshop that has been planned for Charlotte.

The course, which has been specifically planed for healthcare practitioners, will provide a thorough overview of phlebotomy and the techniques that should be followed when performing this task. The registration price is $169, and this may be waived if there is a interdepartmental transfer of funds for CHS teammates.

The class will cover a variety of topics, and these include a review of tests tubes and the different additives that are used, the order of draw and also venipuncture techniques using both the winged butterfly and evacuated tube systems. A discussion of CLSI guidelines that have been put into place for both heel and finger sticks will also take place.

This phlebotomy course is intended for those who work in healthcare and would like a refresher of both venipuncture techniques and national guidelines. Bound copies of manuals and other learning materials for this type of event can be sourced from a local printing services provider.

Carolina College of Health Sciences has planned the workshop for September 5, and it is scheduled to run from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. It will be offered at 1200 Blythe Boulevard in Charlotte.