Boulder workshop to share the secrets of paper flower crafting

August 2, 2018 by  

Paper flowers can be used in a variety of way, and Tiffanie Turner will be hosting a Boulder workshop where she will share the secrets of crafting these small works of art.

The participants in the class, which will take place over three days, will learn techniques they can use to create five different type of blossoms, and they will also find out how to make foliage as well. The instruction will be give using a combination of both observation and hands-on learning, and there will be time for the students to socialize and get to know one another.

Each of the participants in the class will walk away with the flowers they have made, as well as skills they can use to make more once they are at home. At the end of the event, the items created will be gathered into a large bouquet and a photo will be taken as a memento of the workshop. The registration fee is $1,195 each, and this includes the cost of materials. Print shops can be called upon to craft manuals and other learning materials for an occasion such as this.

The flower making class has been planned for October 19 to 21 at a location that will be shared upon registration. All are welcome to take part in this creative opportunity.