Four-course eatery in Royersford vicinity

July 30, 2018 by  

Louette’s BYO, a newly opened restaurant in in Phoenixville, is located only five miles from Royersford.

The restaurant, located at Bridge Street serves, small plates to customers, who can get a four-course meal of classic French cuisine and Asian food with Middle Eastern ingredients.

Steve Howells, the restaurant owner, serves small plates or entrees that are smaller than most regular entrees. He worked at Blackfish in Conshohocken, an award winning restaurant. While there, he worked his way up to head chef of the restaurant. He is a former attendee of the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College.

Chef Howells worked in San Francisco at the Cortez restaurant in Union Square, and at a Spanish restaurant in Philadelphia called Paison. He was Sous Chef in Los Angles at Hatfield’s.

This 60-seat restaurant has hardwood floors and a rustic atmosphere. It has indoor and outdoor dining in the warmer weather. The menu changes and the restaurant uses fresh seasonal ingredients.

Fresh salads, house baked breads, soups, and fresh vegetables are available, as are noodle dishes as the second course. Some of the selections are sweet potato ravioli, lobster roe spaghettini, and smoked chicken with fresh tagliatelle.

The four-course menu has slower cooked hanger steak, crispy skin chicken breast, and hand-torn scallops. Customers can skip one course and substitute dessert instead.

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