Rockville Center sought after for bars

July 30, 2018 by  

A new bar is coming to Rockville Center.

Arooga’s Grille House and Sports Bar will operate in the North Village Avenue location once occupied by Cannon’s Blackthorn for over two decades. There is a temporary ban on constructing new restaurants in Rockville Center, so the company purchased the space totaling 4,876 square feet instead.

The restaurant signed a lease that could last 15 years. NAI Long Island was the representation for Arooga’s for the purchase from the owners of Blackthorn. Senior Director Dennis McCoy said the location was optimal and had a similar atmosphere to Patchogue, where there is an additional Arooga’s location. Since it is close to the light rail train, patrons can enjoy a sports game with drinks and then have a safe ride home.

Around $1.5m will go into renovating the new location to eliminate the medieval style interior. It is set to open in August with 100 televisions and 60 types of beer on tap. When finished, it will look more like the Patchogue location.

Last month, The Bowery Bar and Fare opened and replaced 30-year-old Stinger’s on Sunrise Highway. James Vafeades, the village’s police commissioner, welcomed the new bars and hopes they have all licenses in order.

Restaurants need unique menus that print shops can create for them, especially if, like Arooga’s, they have a sports bar theme.