Mega networking session on offer for Morton Grove business community

July 28, 2018 by  

A special event is on the agenda for Morton Grove businesses and organizations that will allow them to meet and build connections with others in the local community.

The occasion, which will follow a somewhat structured format, will give each company or group that participates a chance to give a brief introduction about themselves to a receptive audience. A hot, buffet style lunch will be served, and while they enjoy their meal, the guests will have time to casually converse before the presentations.

All of the attendees will have an opportunity to address up to three small groups, during which time they can share details about their business or origination. At the end of the luncheon, the group will all walk away with a contact list so that they can keep in touch and continue to build on the connections they may have made.

The registration fee to be included in the event starts at $30, and any companies that participate can also opt to pay a small fee and have materials about them placed on the Literature Table that will be set up for the occasion. An area printer can supply brochures, business cards and other items for this type of function.

This networking opportunity will be on offer on August 9 at White Eagle Banquets in Niles. More details can be found on the Morton Grove Chamber of Commerce’s website.