CityScape hopes to move and renovate Youngstown church

July 27, 2018 by  

CityScape, a non-profit organization in Youngstown, has planned an extremely ambitious project—not only does it hope to renovate the oldest church in Youngstown, it wants to physically move it, according to an article on

The Welsh Congregational Church is 157 years old, and is currently owned by the Catholic Diocese. However, the Diocese has plans for the grounds, which would necessitate demolishing the structure.

CityScape spokesman Phil Kidd said people in general are upset when a historic building is torn down, so his organization has decided to “actually make a contribution and save one.” The effort would mean lifting the building off its foundations and moving it to Wick Park, one mile away. Sharon Leston, also with CityScape, pointed out both the church and the park were gifts to the city from the Wick Family, so it seems logical to move the building there. A Wick Family descendant has already donated $150,000 to the project, enough to cover moving costs.

However, the structure will need extensive renovation after the move, and CityScape has launched a fundraising campaign to pay for the work, which it estimates at $700,000. Leston says the renovated building can be used for events such as birthday parties, showers, and weddings; it will be a public space like any other.

CityScape hopes Youngstown residents will help by donating money and time to the project. Organizers of efforts like this can use flyer printing to share information with residents.