Williston Park residents oppose development

July 27, 2018 by  

The co-owners of a vacant lot on Willis Avenue in Williston Park would like to build two mixed-use buildings on the site, each three stories tall, but face opposition from some residents.

The 3,230-square-foot structures would have retail space on the ground floor, and four apartments on each of the two higher floors, for a total of 16 housing units on the property. Village law states that each rental unit must have two designated parking spaces, meaning the development would require 32 slots. Plans, however, call for only nine, and that has led some residents to oppose the project.

Neighbors are most concerned about the shortage of parking spots, according to Margaret Delahunty, a resident who was interviewed by Newsday.com about opposition to the project. She notes that streets in the area are congested already, and there is not enough room to provide parking for those who would not be able to park at the site. She and others have collected 325 signatures on a petition they want to present to village officials, saying they would rather see single-story businesses located there, instead of housing.

The owners of the property, Christopher Lazos and Akbar Bhojani, plan to resubmit their proposal in September. They are aware of the neighbors’ concerns, and vow to satisfy residents, saying they do not want to cause problems for the community.

Developers of projects like this can use flyer printing to keep residents informed of changes that occur as the effort proceeds.