Raleigh food hall delays opening

July 23, 2018 by  

The much-anticipated opening of the Morgan Street Food Hall in Raleigh has been delayed, according to a recent announcement in the Herald Sun.

The project will house as many as 65 vendors, making it the largest such enterprise in the area.

Food halls, which are now found throughout the nation, are similar to the markets found in Asia and Europe, where a number of vendors set up shop in one place. In the Morgan Street location, there will be over 20 food stalls, plus a number of retailers, and two bars.

The media was invited to preview the hall recently, and revealed that most of the vendors are already in operation, while others are putting on final cosmetic touches. However, it was easy to see that more needed to be done, including finishing a great deal of building at Aunt Betty’s bar, and on the area that will be the largest retail space.

Morgan Street’s ownership group said it had been working with its construction experts and inspectors, and had to move the opening date back. It realized this was disappointing for everyone, but also wanted the media people to inform their followers, viewers, and readers that the space was nearly ready, and the opening was a matter of time. At present, the opening is expected next month.

Projects like this often use flyer printing to create awareness of events such as openings.