Redding runners run through summer

July 21, 2018 by  

Sunset Through the Trees will be a series of eight races of various lengths taking place in local areas around Redding during the summer months.

Four-mile runs and two-milers will be at Lake Redding Park, Clover Creek Preserve, and LEMA Ranch. Each location will host two events. A longer run of 5.5 miles will begin at the Fleet Feet Store.

A special run -The Moonlight Madness – will be a two-miler across Shasta Dam. Runners at this event who register at the $20 level will receive special graphic design shirts. However there is also a $15 fee that does not come with the shirts. Kids ages 12 and under can sign up for $10 but they will not get shirts. Proceeds will go to the CARE Animal hospital.

Points can only be obtained by running the longer courses and entrants must complete at least 51% of the races. The top three finishers in each of three age groups – 0 to 39, 40 to 59, and 60+ – will receive gift certificates along with championship points.

All races except the Moonlight Madness will begin at 7:00 pm on Tuesday evenings starting July 31 at Lake Redding Park. They will then be in Clover Creek, LEMA Ranch, Fleet Feet Store, then back to Clover Creek, LEMA and ending at Lake Redding Park. The Moonlight Madness run will be Saturday, August 25, starting at 8:15 pm.