Concord water treatment plants honored by the state

July 22, 2018 by  

The Coddle Creek and Hillgrove water treatment plants in Concord have been honored by the North Carolina Division of Water for surpassing state and federal standards for drinking water.

This North Carolina Area Wide Optimization Award is a prestigious award that is part of the efforts of the state to improve how existing surface water treatment facilities perform. The two plants in Concord were among the 69 plants that received this award.

Senior environmental specialist of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Mark Hahn, expressed his pride in the hard work that was done to achieve this award which ultimately enables greater protection of the health of the public. He thanked everyone involved for all their efforts in reaching these strict goals in water treatment, noting that these levels of treatment are the result of a great deal of work and attention to detail.

This award is given out each year to those treatment facilities that demonstrate the ability to provide drinking water with outstanding turbidity removal, which is related to the cloudiness of the water. Ober 3.8 million residents of the state were served last year by the plants that received this award.

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