Renovations take place at Tacoma school parking lot

July 20, 2018 by  

At Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy in Tacoma, the parking lot recently underwent massive renovations as about 100 volunteers removed chunks of asphalt to prepare the lot to become a playground and a soccer field.

A member of the Tacoma City Council and executive director of Pierce Conservation District, Ryan Mello, said that this project is part of a movement in the region to make green spaces out of excess pavement areas and enable communities to be healthier. Kate Dempsey, principal of the school, added that it has wanted to make the area where the children play safer, as they often fall and scrape their knees while playing soccer.

The work being carried out by the Pierce Conservation District and the many volunteers will enable children at the school to have trees and grass in which to play when they return for classes in the fall.

The project began a year ago when 5,000 square feet of asphalt were removed from the back lot by volunteers. Another 10,000 square feet were recently removed in the second phase. In the last phase, new playground equipment will be installed, and grass will be planted.

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