Festival helps artists free their creativity

July 19, 2018 by  

The New England Flow Fest is taking place next month in nearby Holderness for four days.

The goal of the festival is to bring artists together and allow them to improve their skills. It will also help in their personal growth.

Guests will be camping out during the festival and must bring their own bedding and supplies. There will be a wide variety of workshops taking place over the four-day event. Workshop topics are set to include hoop skills, juggling, using nunchucks, general balancing, Dragon staff skills, and a sword dancing introduction. There will also be balloon twisting sessions, acro yoga, an interactive fancy folding fans workshop, and weaving demonstrations.

There will be an open jam and fire circle held nightly. There will also be a fire spinning night as well as fire safety meeting and a volunteer raffle.

A gala will be held on August 12 where guests can show off what they have learned and enjoy the talents of their fellow campers.

It is likely that people from all over New England, including nearby Plymouth, will be interested in this event. To advertise, organizers of such events often invest in flyer printing services.

The New England Flow Fest will be held at Owls Landing Campground from August 9 to 12. Fees are $145 until August 8. For more information, call 603-279-6266.