New technical school to open in Baton Rouge

July 17, 2018 by  

One of the six schools under construction in East Baton Rouge Parish is the EBR Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC).

At a cost of $17m, the school is designed to provide state-of-the-art technical coursework and training that will enable students to enter the workforce with the requisite skills for a range of industries.

Programs at the school will be centered around computer technology and are offered in such areas as drafting and design technology, machine tool technology, and the culinary arts. Students can also focus on several trades such as carpentry, pipefitting, and production safety. These programs are geared for juniors and seniors in high school.

Executive Director of the school, Summer Dann, said there are not enough people to fill such jobs in the region. She added that often students interested in these fields get trained in industry, but now they will have the opportunity for such an education in high school. The result will be that students will be better prepared for these jobs and able to earn higher wages.

The school is scheduled to open this fall, with 133 students already enrolled.

Banner printing companies can be hired to create displays throughout the community so that people become aware of such new schools and the opportunities they offer for the young people of today.