Beverly to become home to community art hotel

July 16, 2018 by  

After having lived for many years in Boston, two years ago Miranda Aisling turned to building a tiny house for herself in Beverly at 160 square feet in size, affording her all the amenities of a typical-sized home. Without a mortgage or rent, Aisling recently started a non-profit, Miranda’s Heart, with the goal of building a community art hotel with hotel rooms and workspaces for artists.

Aisling said the focus of the hotel will be that handmade work by local artists will fill each hotel room. Her own home will serve as a prototype for the room in the hotel. Many of the features in her tiny home, such as the cloth on the floor and the folding stairs, were handmade by artists.

Aisling has worked with members of the board of her nonprofit and they decided that the hotel would be located in Beverly. She is also planning community meetings over the next several weeks to begin a conversation in the community about the hotel and spark excitement about the project.

There will also be tours and walkthroughs of her home which is the campus of the Montserrat College of Art. These are being held several days a week through the end of the month.

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