San Diego kids raise money with lemonade

July 15, 2018 by  

Two San Diego second graders, Hudson Mitchell-Pullman and Eli Perlman, spent a recent Sunday selling lemonade to raise money for a good cause.

Hudson and Eli were at work in the College Area, charging $1 per lemonade, raising money to save the Vaquita, a small dolphin species in extreme danger of extinction. The animals are found in the Gulf of California, and there are fewer than 30 left.

This is not the first time the young entrepreneurs have used their salesmanship to help the community. Earlier efforts included raising money to start a cooking club at school, and creating a pickleball court.

The boys’ friendship started when they were two years of age, and their business ventures began when Eli wanted to sell drawings from their art class. Copying the drawings proved to be difficult, and that was when Hudson suggested they sell lemonade instead. Eli and Hudson met with the principal of their school, the Mountain View campus of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School, to get the okay. Once the idea was approved, lemonade sales were underway.

Whatever the boys raised would be matched by Nextdoor, the neighborhood networking site, up to $500. Hudson was optimistic that they had enough lemonade to get a $1,000 donation.

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