Hefty donation speeds up project near Plymouth

July 13, 2018 by  

Glenn Shaw was not thrilled with the rate at which construction on the Village Arts Factory in Canton, near Plymouth, was moving, so he did something about it.

Shaw made a sizable donation and submitted a proposal to help move things along to the Canton Partnership for the Arts and Humanities.

Thanks to Shaw’s actions and donation, the timeline for the project’s completion has been moved from sometime in 2019 to a ribbon-cutting scheduled for October of this year.

Communities that are planning on opening new facilities can use poster printing to spread the word, and to describe the scope of the project.

The plan is for the Village Arts Factory to have three buildings. One of them, an old dorm, has already been spruced up and has a tenant in place, Eisenhower Center. The plan is for the old dorm to host arts activities designed for women veterans.

The focus of Shaw’s donation was primarily the demolition and reconstruction of a 32,000-square-foot warehouse building. Once the warehouse is rebuilt, it’s expected to provide space for artisans and tradespeople.

The hope is that the third building in the project will be home to a restaurant. Area officials have been in talks with a restaurant group, but have not yet named the prospective tenants.

Originally, the plan was to finish the dorm building and restaurant building first, leaving the warehouse for last.