Property swap makes new Greenville fire station possible

July 16, 2018 by  

A way has been found to replace the Augusta Road fire station without losing the presence of a fire house in the immediate area, and without having to tear down its present historical location.

Built almost 70 years ago, the Augusta Road fire station is an architecturally significant part of Greenville. However, the building needs upgrades and renovations that due to its age are not feasible.

Business cards for the personnel at the replacement fire house would need to have a nearby address to maintain efficient coordination of services and assist in keeping insurance rate at their present level.

For the last three years, Greenville officials have been wheeling and dealing in real estate to facilitate a land swap. As a result, the old station will be placed in the hands of a developer interested in renovating it for other use. The city has cobbled together enough land via trade and purchase to build a new station.

A lease agreement will allow the current station to remain in operation rent free for two years, after which rent would be required. The destiny of the old fire station is unclear, however, the agreement specifies that the building cannot be demolished for at least 10 years.

The estimated cost for the new station is $5m and the city hopes to have it operational by spring 2020.