Columbia training session offered for K9 units’ human companions

July 9, 2018 by  

Highly trained dogs can be an invaluable part of a rescue team, and a Columbia workshop will be dedicated to helping those who register learn how to protect the life of their K9 partner.

Several topics are on the agenda for review during the daylong session, and these include what components should be included in a K9 first aid kit, animal CPR, poisoning, how to prevent and treat fractures, care of the paw pads, and various other information. The students will learn how to care for a dog in an emergency with a goal of saving both its life and functional ability.

Much of the training will be undertaken through hands-on learning, and trained dogs will be provided for this. K9 medical kits will be available for purchase, and these will be sold at cost. The items included will be specifically for canines, and their use will all be demonstrated during the day. It is also suggested that the handlers who participate bring along a pair of kneepads to use when performing ground work.

The Columbia Police Department Regional Training Center will be hosting this learning opportunity. Any manuals or other printed materials needed to help the participants get the most benefit from an opportunity like this can be provided by area print shops.

August 22 has been chosen as the date for this event. The registration fee to be included has been set at $295 each.