Mansfield becomes a stage for up-and-coming composers

July 9, 2018 by  

The 2018 Applause Concert Series will be presenting two concerts here in Mansfield during July. The concerts will showcase new and modern classical music composed by budding local artists.

The first concert will be a violin and harp duo Ros/Car. They will be performing an evening of ‘Plucked Strings and Painted Dreams’. Eight works, selected by the Applause Concert Committee, will be performed. Some of these will be Jaap Cramer’s ‘Note to Myself’, Turkar Gazimsada’s ‘In Absentia’, Mark Francis’s ‘threE’, and Nathan Leigh’s ‘Waves Frozen, Mid-Crash’.

Electric Resonance ll will be returning to the venue too. This concert will be an evening of artistic, experimental electronic music. The offerings ranges from dissonant noise to pleasant ambient/atmospheric melodies. Video visuals, fixed media, and acoustic instruments will add to the experience. Pieces will be from composers Paul Poston, Steven Whiteley, Joshua Keeling, Mara Helmuth, Michael Lukaszuk, and Orlando Jacinto Garcia.

Friends of the promising composers will want to take pictures at these events for poster printing, and some performers may wish to make promotional products available either for sale or free distribution..

The two concerts will be performed at the New Hope Baptist Church at 6765 Dick Price Road. The Ros/Car Duo performance is scheduled for this Saturday, July 14, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Electric Resonance ll will be Saturday, July 28 starting at 7:00 pm.