Cincinnati hires firm for mobility study

July 8, 2018 by  

Cincinnati has engaged Fehr & Peers, a San Francisco consulting firm, to undertake a mobility study about how to improve all the various types of transportation that use the curb space on some of the city’s busiest streets.

Curb space is defined as the portion of public thoroughfare between the streets and sidewalks. In cities, curb space is customarily used to pick up and drop off passengers, which can create significant bottlenecks when a number of different vehicles—buses, cars, delivery vans and so on—try to use the same space.

The study will help the city figure out how people share the road in the high-traffic locations in the city, particularly near museums, theaters, popular restaurants, hotels, and sports venues. Cincinnati Transit Manager John Brazina said that the city’s downtown is undergoing a renaissance, and because of this, there are more people than ever vying for space at the curb.

Fehr & Peers will continue collecting data all summer, and expects to provide the city with its analysis in the fall. This will enable the consultants to provide recommendations to the city that are backed up by data. The study will be undertaken on parts of Walnut Street, Second Street, and Freedom Way.

Since a study like this gather information that could impact many people, officials might consider working with a flyer printing company on an informative mailer for residents.