Dayton’s FutureFest hopes to showcase future of theater

July 7, 2018 by  

Local theater companies often present well-worn classics, ranging from Shakespeare to August Wilson, knowing that these plays are crowd-pleasers, but Dayton’s FutureFest believes there is little better in theater than watching the debut of a great play.

With 28 years of experience behind it, the festival will premiere six never-before-seen plays over the course of a weekend, providing a huge opportunity to both local dramaturges and theater aficionados.

The six full-length plays, selected by the festival committee, include titles such as “What Are Words to a Long Fellow?” by Debra Kent, “Of Men and Cars” by Dawn Roth Smith, and “Queen of Sad Mischance” by Richard Lee Waldeck. Past festivals have included both fully staged and produced plays, as well as public readings of works in progress.

Putting on a stage play, even a one-man show, is always a collective effort that requires support from the community. Depending on the scale of the production, everything from taking tickets to the acting itself can be done by local volunteers. Such shows often use local print shops for props, programs, and poster printing. Theater can be a great way to bring community together and at events like FutureFest, audience members might just discover the next great American play.

FutureFest will take place over the weekend of July 20-22 at the Dayton Playhouse.