Huntsville solar panel plant to open, bringing 160 jobs

July 6, 2018 by  

It was recently announced by Governor Kay Ivey that LG Electronics will be opening a plant in Huntsville to assemble solar modules.

According to the Governor, the company, a leading supplier of residential solar panels in the U.S. will be investing $28m in the new plant that will add 160 jobs to the community. This will bring LG’s employment in Huntsville up to 400.

The new solar module assemble plant will be housed in an existing building on LG’s 48-acre Huntsville campus and will run two production lines. The company’s new factory is anticipated to turn out 500 megawatts of N-type, high performance solar panels a year. However, print shops will not be charged with creating additional employee handbooks for a while, since the new plant will not commence operations until early 2019.

LG Huntsville has been in operation for 40 years and today the company’s service operation for North America is headquartered here. Among the operations conducted here are field service, a technical call center, a parts warehouse, and a service training center.

The LG B2B (Business-to-Business) global president, Soon Kwon, praised the local workforce, saying:

“Huntsville’s high-quality workforce and LG’s established presence in the Rocket City point to a bright future for LG in Alabama.”

LG’s 60-cell modules of the Neon 2 series, which are high-performance panels that deliver 17% more electricity than traditional panels, will be assembled at the new facility.