Cedar Park symposium to help first responders help themselves

July 5, 2018 by  

First responders, military personnel, and others who work in a stressful career, as well as their families, may benefit from attending a Cedar Park event that will help them learn how to protect their own mental, emotional, and behavioral health.

According to recent research in the field, working in a career where someone is often on the front lines during an emergency can place strain on person, which can begin to affect their physical and emotional health. The symposium will equip those who participate with knowledge and skills they can use keep themselves healthy.

The two-day event is also open to the spouses of those who work in public safety. The organizers noted that the goal is to help them learn more about what their significant other goes through as part of their career so that they can provide support and understanding while protecting their own health at the same time.

At least seven presentations are on the agenda for the conference, and the ticket price includes both a light breakfast and lunch. Only a limited number of spaces are available for the day, and tickets start at $75 each. Printing services for an occasion like this can be provided by an area printer.

The ‘A New Hope for First Responders’ has been organized for August 2, and it will be offered at 200 W New Hope Dr in Cedar Park.