Burnsville reunion will celebrate Class of 1978’s 40th year

July 5, 2018 by  

Former students of Bloomington Lincoln High School will soon have an opportunity to come to a Burnsville event where they can meet and catch up with old friends and classmates from 40 years ago.

The Black Diamond Restaurant will be the location for the school’s class of 1978’s 40th reunion, and a full evening of activities has been planned to mark the occasion. There will be lots of time for the guests to mingle and talk about what they’ve been up to since they last met, and tickets start at $50 each if they are purchased well ahead of time.

The plans for the function includes a menu of appetizers that will feature pizza burgers. A cash bar service will be on offer, and the music for the festivities will include hits from the 1970s. Guests can also view the memorabilia that will be on display while they share memories of their former school days.

The fun will kick off at 6:00 pm and keep right on going until after midnight. Banner printing and other services for a high school reunion celebration can be provided by area print companies.

August 4 will be the date for this event which will be bringing former classmates together in a spirit of fun. The Black Diamond Restaurant is located at 15400 Buck Hill Road in Burnsville.