Day of hands-on environmental action on line for Bend

July 1, 2018 by  

Bend residents who enjoy spending time on the Deschutes River or walking its banks have been asked to put their hands to work during a clean-up event that will soon be taking place in the community.

The organizers of the occasion will give people of all ages an opportunity to give back to the river they love by acting as a watershed steward. The volunteers will remove trash, invasive weeds and other unwanted items for the water and shore, and they will be joined in their efforts by the Central Oregon Divers.

The participants in the cleanup will be gathering in Riverbend Park to enjoy pastries, coffee and instructions before heading out. Those who bring along their kayak or paddleboard can join the divers in removing debris from the water, while the helpers who would prefer to stay on dry land can pick up litter and pull out invasive weeds.

The organizers of the function remarked that they wished to thank the organizations that have made this cleanup possible. These include the Bend REI, Old Mill District, the Shared Future Coalition, Central Oregon Dive Shop, the City of Bend and the Bend Park and Recreation District. A local printing services provider will be able to provide T-shirts and other items for the volunteers and others who take part in an effort like this.

This day of grassroots environmental action will be held on July 28. Anyone who would like to lend a hand is welcome.