New yoga studio opens in Temecula

June 28, 2018 by  

Home Yoga Studio in Temecula was recently opened by Adriane Alvarez, who has been teaching yoga classes for many years.

The studio space is on the third floor at Old Town Front and Fifth and Alvarez is looking to making it more accessible to a greater population and diversity of people. Her hope is that it will attract people of all ages, sizes, and abilities.

Home Yoga Studio is replacing Cloud Nine, where Alvarez taught yoga for many years. She decided to purchase the business on a whim, when the owner offered to talk to her after seeing her and a friend more closely examine the space after it had closed.

Alvarez found from her experience in teaching yoga that studios tended to focus on offering only one type of the discipline. People looking for different yoga styles needed to go to different studios. Her goal with Home Yoga Studios is to be able to offer a variety of styles to address that problem.

She plans to keep many of the same classes and teachers that were part of Cloud Nine, and to honor all passes and memberships. Her plans for the future include hosting workshops and events offering special classes to veterans.

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