Newark school announces colleges of graduating seniors

June 27, 2018 by  

The 129 seniors from the KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy (NCA) recently announced the colleges they will go on to attending at a celebratory event at Montclair State University. With the help of banner printing, they were able to proudly display the name of their college.

In attendance were the present KIPP Junior class, the KIPP Through College (KTC) Team, faculty from the high school, and friends and families of the students.

Founder and CEO of KIPP New Jersey, Ryan Hill, one of the speakers at the ceremony, said that all staff at KIPP New Jersey are very proud of these students as they have been very dedicated to their learning. This accomplishment therefore means a great deal to them and the team.

Emphasized in the KTC model is student preparation for navigation of the social, financial, and academic challenges they often face in the college preparatory process. KIPP NCA is one of the most successful such schools as 80% of African-Americans advance to college, and 80% attend four-year schools.

The colleges the students will be attending are the likes of Rutgers University, The Ohio State University, Michigan State University, among others. One student postponed college for one year due to the signing of a record label. Another has delayed their academic career for a while by entering the Navy.