Winston-Salem workshop will share tips for growing mushrooms at home

June 27, 2018 by  

Mushrooms and other fungi are popular cooking ingredients in many cultures, and during a Winston-Salem workshop, the public will be able to learnt the secrets of growing them right in their own home.

Oyster mushrooms will be the species that will be the focus of the event, and it is being brought to the community through the co-operation between Colony Urban Farms and Borrowed Land. The participants will learn how they can prepare an inoculation kit of their own, which they will then be able to take home with them so they can enjoy fresh mushrooms whenever they like.

The facilitator for this short course is Cathy Wheeler, who is an expert when it comes to mushroom cultivation. The students in her class who set up their own growing kit will be able to enjoy their first harvest just a few weeks later. Wheeler will be able to answer questions and provide helpful tips so that the home growers can get the most from their own mushroom patch.

The registration fee for this event is $30 each, and this includes the cost of all the materials. Manuals and other learning materials for this type of event can be sourced from local stationery printers.

This mycology-themed workshop has been scheduled for the afternoon of July 15. It will be taking place at 492-C West End Boulevard in Winston-Salem.